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Allworx Systems

We specialize in the installation and service of Key System, PBX, and VoiP platforms, paging systems, cat 5e/6 cabling and fiber optic cabling.

Allworx 6xand 48x IP Base phone systems.

Key Features

* Network multiple/Allworx locations
* Designed for companies of up to 250 employees per site
* Supports VoIP (SIP) trunks, two (2) optional T1/PRI interfaces
* Built-in 16 port voicemail
* 4, 12, 24 button display phones

Avaya IP Office 

The most versatile phone system using Digital and or IP Phones also using modular

Key Features

* Network multiple/IP Office locations
* Flexible and easy to use and manage.
* Use the embedded voicemail or the feature rich Voicemail Pro.
* Scale from a simple business phone system for as few as five users to a full-size
   collaboration solution for up to 2,000 users.
* 8,12, 16 button display phones.  

Norstar CICS, MICS 

One of the leading Key System/PBX telephone systems in the world.

* MICS can expandable up 248 ports
* CICS can expandable up 40 ports
* Digital phones M7310, M7324, 7316E
* C.O. lines, T-1, DID.
* Call Pilot Voicemail.

Our Phone Reccomendations

We only install and manage the best here at RC Communications and Avaya is the cream of the crop.  Avaya is the leading business telephone system developer & manufacturer and the Partner ACS is the pinnacle . The Avaya Partner is a bulletproof little system that can stand the test time.  Avaya, once a division of AT&T before deregulation, has developed this product into what it is today.  Perfect for any small business from 4 to 48 users, the Avaya Partner

The latest telecommunications industry advancement is the development of “Voice Over Internet Protocol” or simply VoIP for short.  This is a new type of business telephone system, which enables the user to place their phone calls over broadband Internet.  There are many different companies that have their own VoIP phone systems and RC Communications is committed wholeheartedly to a company called Allworx.  The Allworx phone system is an absolutely amazing product, which has the potential to take your company to the next level.

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